Windscreen Repair

The benefits of professional windscreen repair service. Protects the integrity of your vehicle · A professional can get the job done properly.

Windscreen Replacement

Save Cost and Time. Insurance policy is among the crucial things you require to cover the cost of glass replacement.

Car Tinting Installation

Blocks harmful UV rays. UV rays are the main cause of accelerated aging and window tinting will help protect your delicate skin against chronic skin problems.

Car Headlights Restoration

Headlight restoration is a process of cleaning, sanding and polishing the lights in order to eliminate pollution and maintain its condition for ages.

Door-To-Door Windscreen Replacement

Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd is a popular choice for windshield repair. We provide door to door service complete windscreen repair & windscreen replacement at any location of your choice. Contact us today to book our services.

Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd - Windscreen Specialist

We are your one choice for local, preferred providers. Choose Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd the Windscreen Repair and Windscreen Replacement Experts for your clients’ needs. Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd has over 13 years of experience working with large insurance companies and small independent agents. We know that your number one concern is servicing your customer. Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd promises that we will provide each of your clients the highest possible technical service; we service your glass right, the first time and every time.

Beyond Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd’ quality windscreen services and windscreen products, Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd understands the importance of exceptional customer service. Our goal is to provide clear communication and to build a strong relationship of trust between all parties involved with the glass service. Your clients will know you sent them the best, because you provided them with the experience of Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd quality care!

As the inventors of windscreen repair and windscreen replacement back in 2009 with continuous research, development and testing at our Selangor headquarters, Koon Lee Auto Glass Sdn Bhd is the only name to trust in automotive glass services.
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From Our Clients

Calantz Chang

Very good service. Process files quickly. Fast installation. No need top up. Quality windscreen & quality tinted. 5 stars recommend.

Danny Foo

Good service from the Sentosa Branch. Fixed my car twice for star shaped crack. Warranty depends on type of crack.

Irin Tan (irintsf)

Really reliable staff. Came to replace windscreen and tint. All done within 2-3 hours. Name has changed to Koon Lee Auto Glass. Reasonable price. Comes with warranty. Highly recommend!

Mentara Guru

My boss's best.
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